User accounts and permissions

You can see all user accounts and their permissions from the “Users” page in your back-office. Any user can visit this page but only “Admin” or “Super-admin” users can make changes on user accounts.

User accounts management

To access the “Users” page, you must be logged in to your personal space. Once you are logged in, you will find this page on the “Parameters” section on the left menu.

Here, you will find the list of all users on the left of the page.

Click on one of the names to see the personal information and permission of this account.

If you have a “Super-admin” account, you can change these information.

Creating a new account 

To add a user account, you must be “Admin” or “Super-admin”.

Click on the button below to create a new account, to which you will choose to give full or restricted access to your Kameleoon account.

Deleting an account

To delete an account, you must be “Admin” or “Super-admin”.

First of all, use the list on the left to select the account you want to delete. Then, click on the “Delete the account” button on the bottom of the page.




Admin Technical Marketing Production

The admin account
create new

The technical
account has access
management options,
advanced configuration
and web analytics

The Marketing
account enables to
consult the details of
every A/B test
launched with

The production
account can activate,
or not the launching
button in the
Kameleoon editor.


As a super admin, you can manage all user accounts. This way, you can create or delete an account and change all information such as the name, password, e-mail address and permissions of each user.

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