Simulation of a web personalization

You can simulate your web personalization, either it has been activated or not.

Launching the simulation

It is very easy to launch the simulation mode. Simply click on the “Simulate” button located on the bottom of the page when you are creating or editing your web personalization.

Once you clicked on “Simulate”, the simulation opens in a new window.

Simulation modes

Three modes are available:

  • Forcing the personalization to appear: use this mode to display you web personalization whatever its settings are. The status will be “Exposed”.
  • Forcing the segment to be selected: use this mode to be targeted, event if you are not supposed to be. This mode take into consideration the options and other web personalizations activated, so the status will be “Targeted not exposed” or “Exposed”.
  • Being in real situation: use this mode to see what would be displayed for your profile. The status will be “Not targeted”, “Targeted not exposed” or “Exposed”.

Personalization status

Once you have chosen the simulation mode, the status window opens.
You will now be able to see your status according to the mode chosen and in real situation.

There are three different status:

  • Not targeted: you are not a part of the targeting segment
  • Exposed: you are a part of the targeting segment, the personalization displays
  • Targeted not exposed: you are a part of the targeting segment but you are not exposed to the personalization which does not display. This can be due to your personalization options (capping, priorization, etc.).

To re-open the simulation mode window, press on Shift + F4, or FN + Shift + F4 on a Mac.

Sharing the simulation via URL

You can share your simulation via URL. It can be very useful to share this simulation with your team and validate your web personalization with others.

To access this URL, click on the following icon on the status window:

The URL appears inside the window. You can now copy and paste it to your team.

This URL is generated automatically by Kameleoon and stays valid for 1 hour. The changes you made to your original website will be seen only by people having access to this URL.

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