Hiding an element

Hide an element

There are two methods to hide an element: the “Hide” button or with the opacity.

  • “Hide” button
    This button is located in the tool panel, that appears on the left of your page when an element is selected.

    Click on this button to hide the element, or to show a hidden element. When the element is hidden, its location on the page is not kept.

  • Opacity
    You can also set the opacity of the element to 0% to make it invisible.
    To show the opacity setting, click on “More options” button on the tool panel.

    When the opacity is set on 0%, the element is hidden but its location on the page is kept.

Display a hidden element

To make a hidden element visible again, you must open the history panel, on the right of your page.

L'élément préalablement caché est indiqué par la mention « Élément supprimé » si vous avez caché l'élément, « Opacité modifiée » si vous l'avez rendu invisible. Supprimer l'action correspondante pour afficher l'élément à nouveau.

The hidden element is indicated “Removed element” if it has been hidden “Changed opacity” if you changed the opacity. Delete the action to display the element.


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