History panel

Each action you have made on your variation is saved in the history panel: you can cancel them at any moment.

Reduced view

By default, the history panel is displayed in reduced view: two arrows allow you to undo or redo the actions you have done on your variation.

Click on the left arrow to undo the last action or on the right arrow to redo the previous action.

If there is no action to undo or redo, the buttons will be blocked.

Note that the cancelled actions are not deleted but only disabled, they are still displayed in the history panel.

Important: the history is displayed for one variation. The "Undo" button will cancel the last action done on the selected variation.

History per action

When the history panel is in reduced view, click on the arrows on the top right of the panel to expand it.

The list of all actions done on the variation are displayed here.

Place your cursor above an action to display three icons: they will enable you to rename, disable or delete your action.



Click on this icon if you want to rename an action. This can be helpful to recognize it among the other actions for example.


Click on this icon to disable an action or enable a cancelled action. The action will appear in grey in the list and will no longer appear on your variation.


Click on this icon to delete the action permanently. 

History per element

The "Per element" tab will display all the actions element per element.

Click on the element of your choice to display the list of actions done on this element.

You can do the same actions as in the classical history: place your cursor above an action to display the rename, disable and delete icons.

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