Copy and paste an element

With Kameleoon, you can copy an element and paste it before or after another element.

To do so, start with the selection of the element you want to copy.

The tool panel appears on the left of your page. On the top of the "Style" tab, you will find the following icons.

Click on the "Copy" icon:

The two icons located on the right are now available. These icons will allow you to paste the element:

The element must be pasted according to another element. Click on the left icon to paste it before another element or the right icon to paste it after another element.

You made a mistake ? Don't worry: click again on the button to cancel its selection.

Once you have selected how to paste your element, choose the reference element, which is the element before of after which you will paste the copied element. As soon as you have selected it, the copied element is pasted.


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