Setting up Adobe Analytics

Kameleoon is compatible with Adobe Analytics (Ex Omniture SiteCatalyst) to analyze your A/B tests. Setting it up includes 3 steps:

  1. Adding Adobe Analytics as a reporting tool in Kameleoon
  2. Creating a new eVar variable in your Adobe Analytics account
  3. Activating the reporting tool from the editor

Setting up Adobe Analytics with Kameleoon

Adding a reporting tool

To begin, log in to your personal account on and access the “My websites”.

For the website of your choice, click on “Reporting tool(s) selected” in the “Reporting” part.

Then, click on the Adobe Analytics logo to add this tool.

Creating the conversion variable

Il est nécessaire de créer une variable de conversion, aussi appelée eVar, qui sera utilisée par Kameleoon pour transférer les données de votre test A/B vers Adobe Analytics. Pour ce faire, connectez-vous à votre espace Adobe Analytics

You must create a new conversion variable, follow these steps:

  1. On your Adobe Analytics, go to Admin, then Report Suites.
  2. Then, select a report suite.
  3. Click on Parameters > Conversion > Conversion variables
  4. On the conversion variables page, click on Add new to add an eVar unused to the report suites.
  5. Fill in the necessary fields
  6. Click on save
Note: If you are using the doPlugins variable, the JavaScript code lines must be added to the variable in order to push your test results in Adobe Analytics.
if (window.Kameleoon) {
Warning: the variable above is noted s in the processOmniture() process must be your Omniture object. By default, this variable is named s.

Setting up the reporting tool

When you are done with these steps, you can use Adobe Analytics as reporting tool.

In the editor

When you have created your test in the editor, click on the “Test finalizer” button. Then, select Adobe Analytics in the reporting tools selection (step 3). In the field “Custom variable (eVar), choose the eVar that you have created in your Adobe Analytics account.

The results of your test will know be pushed into Adobe Analytics solution.

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