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You will find valuable information about the use of Kameleoon in the A/B testing documentation.

Frequent questions

E-commerce conversion via Tag Commander

You can integrate Kameleoon to Tag commander. Your e-commerce transactions will then be available in Kameleoon without any code deployment needed.

For further information about the procedure to follow, you can read the article E-commerce conversion tracking via Tag Commander

Kameleoon compatibility

Kameleoon and its editor are compatible with all recent versions of web browsers. However, you might encounter some problems with older versions.

For further information about Kameleoon compatibility with web browsers, please read our article Kameleoon compatibility.

Cookies management

Kameleoon uses cookies within the framework of your personalizations and A/B tests.

For further information about the cookies used, their settings and the CNIL requirements, you can read our article Cookies management and CNIL obligations.

Flicker effect

If your original page is displayed for a split second before your variation or your personalization, you might detect a flickering called "Flicker effect". The most important thing to do to avoid this inconvenience is to place Kameleoon script at the optimal location.

For further information, you can read our article about the Flicker effect.

Impact on SEO

You might wonder if Kameleoon will have an impact on your SEO: don't worry, the answer is no.

Indeed, indexation bots are automatically excluded from your personalizations and A/B tests, as we explain it in the article Impact on SEO.


Kameleoon is available in two languages: French and English. By default, the language will be defined according to your browser's language, but of course you can change it at any time.

For further information about the procedure, you can read the article How to change the language?

jQuery library

Kameleoon is a JavaScript solution and does not handle jQuery library.

What is Kameleoon technical structure?

To understand the structure of Kameleoon, you can read the article about Kameleoon structure.

Will Kameleoon slow my website down?

Kameleoon should not slow your website down.

For further information, you can read the article Will Kameleoon slow my website down?

Another question?

If you do not find the answer to your question on the documentation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with the creation of your personalizations!

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