Advanced deviation configuration

Same traffic allocated for each variation

When you launch an A/B test on your website, you can choose which percentage of your traffic will be allocated to the variations (step 2 once you clicked on "Finalize your test").

For example, if you have 3 variations and you choose 75%, Kameleoon will deviate 75% of your traffic to your variations and 25% to your original page. By default, Kameleoon will display each variation 25% of the time.

Different allocation for each variation

You can also define yourself which percentage of the traffic to be allocated for each variation. To do so, click on the "Advanced deviation configuration" button, below the percentage.

The advanced deviation configuration pop-up will appear. Use the sliders to change the percentage for each variation.

Advanced options

In the right part of the advanced deviation configuration window, you will find 3 advanced options.

Stop the test when statistical significativity reaches X%

This option allows you to stop automatically the test once the statistical significativity reaches the percentage of your choice.

For further information, you can read our article about Statistical significance.

Limit traffic to X visitors

If you check this box, Kameleoon will limit your A/B test to the amount of visitors that you defined.

Optimize automatically traffic allocation

You can let Kameleoon manage automatically the traffic allocation according to the variations performances. If you check this option, Kameleoon will disable the least efficient variations and deviate traffic to the most efficient ones.

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