E-commerce conversion Tracking via Tag Commander

If you are using Tag Commander, you can integrate Kameleoon to it.

You will be able to gather your e-commerce transactions directly in Kameleoon without deploying code in your servors. You have to check your setups to obtain these two information:

  • First, the rule used by Tag Commander to trigger the e-commerce transaction tag.
  • Secondly, the variation used by Tag Commander to register the number of transactions (usually tc_vars["order_amount_ati_with_sf"]).

Once you have found these information, log in to your personal space.

Then, use the left menu to go to the “Configured sites” page, with all the websites you have set up with your account.

Click on the “Advanced configuration” button for the website of your choice.

You will arrive on the Advanced configuration options page, as you can see on the tabs on the left.

In the Personalized tracking script field, add this piece of code (once you have adapted it to your scenario):

if ((tc_vars["order_id"] != '') && (tc_vars["env_template"] == 'CHECKOUT')) {
	Kameleoon.API.processConversion("Transaction", parseFloat(tc_vars["order_amount_ati_with_sf"]));

Please note:

  • This is the e-commerce transaction condition: 
    (tc_vars["order_id"] != ) && (tc_vars["env_template"] == 'CHECKOUT').
  • The name of the Kameleoon e-commerce goal is: “Transaction”.
  • The variable with the amount of the basket is: tc_vars["order_amount_ati_with_sf"].
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