Heat maps and clicks tracking

Heat maps


First of all, you need to activate heat maps as a reporting tool from your personal space in order to add it to the list of your reporting tools. When the tool has been configured, you will be able to select it when you launch your tests.

Setting up a new tool

To do so, log in to your personal space. Use the left menu to go to the “Integrations” page.


Click on the “heatMap” icon to activate heat maps.

Fill in the width of your website, in pixels (for example, 1024 px).

Now the tool is set up for your website, you can use it when you launch your tests!

Launching the test

Before launching your test, in the “Test finalizer” window, you can select the reporting tools of your choice in the step 3.

Check the “Heat map” box. Note that you can add as many reporting tools as you want.

You can activate the heat map with one or several other reporting tools.

Read the heat map

Once your A/B test is launched, you can display the heat maps generated by Kameleoon for each variation. You can reach them from your personal space

Once you are logged in, click on the “All tests” button or use the left menu to go to your A/B testing dashboard.

Select the test of your choice on the list of your tests.

In the left lateral panel, click on the “Access heat maps” button to display heat maps.

Clicks tracking

You can set up a click tracking from the graphic editor. To do so, launch the editor on the webpage of your choice.

The clicks tracking apply to all variations, so you can select any variation of your test.

Select the element for which you want to track your visitors’ clicks to open the tools panel. The third tab, “Tracking” allows you to set up the clicks tracking.

You can use an existing tracking or create a new one. Fill in the name of your new tracking and click on “Track this element”. By clicking on the “More options” button, you can also indicate the category and the action of this tracking.

Note : you can also use the selector tool to add a click tracking. For example, you can add a click tracking to all “Add to basket” buttons on your website.

Please note that you can also use heat maps with Kameleoon if you are using Google Analytics or AT Internet. For further information, you can read the clicks tracking article to set up a goal in Google Analytics.

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