Managing tests and variations

Manage your A/B tests

From the editor

You can manage your A/B tests in the editor. To do so, launch the editor on your website and click on the name of your test on the top left of the header.

The test manager window opens, allowing you to see the list of the tests you have created. From here, you can do all the operations you need to do on your tests, such as renaming, duplicate or delete them. You can also create a new A/B test, stop or pause a test.

By clicking on one of your tests, the details of this test will be displayed at the right of the window. This recap let you see the deviation and targeting parameters, and access the analytic tools you configured for this test.

From your personal space

You can also manage your tests from your personal space. To do so, log in to and go to the “A/B test” part, through the homepage or the left menu.

On the top of the page, the key numbers will let you know how many tests have been launched and how many are currently online.

All the test you have launched appear on this page, whatever status they have. You can if you want to filter this view to see only the tests according to their status, website or tags.

For each test, you can see very quickly the improvement rate, the winning variation and the test status.

Place your cursor above a test to see the actions available.

Click on “See results” to load the result page of this test. The buttons on the bottom right enable you to edit your test (and open the editor), or duplicate it. Click on the “•••” icon to see other actions like delete or pause the test.

Creating a variation

What is a variation?

A variation is a copy of your webpage, on which you can apply some changes in order to prepare an A/B test.

When you add a new variation, Kameleoon will make a copy of the original page, in other words the page from which you started Kameleoon. Every change will be memorized in the new variation. At the launching of the A/B test, the variation will contain every modification.

Note : the variations created are not linked to a single A/B test and can be re-used later for other tests. Besides, the changes contained in a variation are not only suitable for this page, but can be applied on several pages. For instance, if you want to change the color of every “Add to basket” button of your website, you can do it very easily with Kameleoon by targeting the pages you want to include in the test. For further information, please read our article about Multi-pages A/B test.

New variation

When you first launch Kameleoon, you will see two tabs on the left of the header pane : “Original” and “Variation 1”.

The "Original" tab, with the padlock icon is the original page from which you started Kameleoon. It is locked to prevent from any modification. All changes have to be done in the variations. 

The second tab, "Variation 1", allows you to make every modification wanted on a copy of your webpage. It will be used to launch the A/B test.

To add a new variation, click on the "+" button. Please note that it is recommended to have only one major change for each variation.

Note: you can create an unlimited number of variations with Kameleoon. However, you the more variations you have the more traffic you need.

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