Password and user information

Updating your information

To update your personal information, log in to your account from

Then, click on your name on the top of your screen and click on “My account”.

This page allows you to update your personal information, user name and password.

Change your password

You can change your password from the “My account” popin.

If you have an “Admin” popin, you can also change your password, or other users account passwords on the user accounts page.

To do so, log in to

Then, click on the “Preferences” icon on the top right of your screen.

To access user accounts management, click on “User accounts”.

Select the user of your choice in the lateral panel, and fill in the new password.

Enregistrez votre nouveau mot de passe en cliquant sur le bouton « Valider ».

Click on the “Validate” button to save the new password.

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