What is web personalization ?

Web personalization consist on customizing the visitor’s experience in order to optimize your conversion rate.

In a physical store, it is the supplemental relationship with the seller who will offer advices and a personal attention to put the consumer in the best possible position to buy. On the web, the additional real-time understanding of visitor behavior and business environment will allow one to offer the simplest, most natural and successful buying experience.

Today, web personalization is easily accessible to a wide variety of businesses, both financially and technically. This marketing challenge, which is increasingly important in a constantly changing environment, can be controlled and used by marketing teams thanks to Kameleoon.

Benefits of web personalization

Create a unique experience for your visitors by taking into account their browsing history, behavior, circumstances and interests:

  • Win the loyalty of your visitors, by offering them a natural and customized experience
  • Seize opportunities, and reduce the period of time between marketing decisions and their implementation.
  • Keep your website updated, to make sure your visitors will come back
  • Manage marketing pressure, and avoid saturating your visitors with offers.

Web personalization best pratices

While creating your first web personalizations, please keep in mind these practices.

  • Be agile: an effective web personalization strategy is one that allows you to measure its first results in less than three months and adjust your actions based on the output.
  • Identify your KPIs: the range of available data about your visitors is very broad, the challenge will be to identify those that meet your usage requirements and that will leverage your results.
  • Prioritize: given the range of web personalization possibilities, you have to select the ones to start with based on their gain potential, impact and ease of implementation.
  • Make it sustainable: the real benefits of web personalization are measured in the long run.
  • Vary the pleasures: web personalization will be more effective if carried out in different ways.
  • Think multi-device: it is sometimes better to focus the campaign exclusively on a terminal type or to create one web personalization for each type in order to offer an optimized user experience.
  • Anticipate possible overlaps between segments: one visitor can belong to many segments to which different actions are assigned.
  • Capitalize on your customer data: the data already known about your customers and/or your visitors are capital assets of your company you need to know in order to use as leverage for the optimization of your conversion.
  • Ensure overall consistency: to avoid confusion for your visitors.
  • Frame internal organization and communication: frame the implementation of web personalizations when you launch a lot of personalizations.

For further information about web personalization, please download our Web personalization white paper.

Web personalization ideas

Web personalization applies to the entire navigation path.

Here are some web personalization examples, easy to set up with Kameleoon.

  • Display a promotional message on your homepage for new visitors or visitors coming back after a long time.
  • Offer a discount coupon when a visitor placed a product in his basket, to encourage him to keep up with his purchases.
  • Display a reassurance banner for visitors coming back several times in the same day without converting.
  • Display an offer according to the weather conditions.
  • Display an “urgenting” message to visitors after browsing your website for a long time without converting.

Ready to launch your first web personalization? Find some tips to start with web personalization in our Quick start guide.

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