Change an image

You can change an image in a few simple clicks from the editor.

1. Select an image

Click on the image you want to change to select it. If you do not not if the element is an image or not, place your cursor above it, Kameleoon will indicate you which is the type of your element.

2. Open the image manager

When the image is selected, the tool panel appears. Click on “Image” to open the image manager. If “Image” does not appear on the panel, the selected element might not be an image. 

3. Select your new image

When the image manager is open, click on the “+” icon on the top left to import a new image.

A new window opens, allowing you to select an image from your computer.

Use the options to stretch vertically and horizontally your image, or to delete it.

Click on the “Done” button to save your changes and close the image manager.

Your image has now been replaced by the new one. In our example, Mozilla has been replaced by the Firefox logo.

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